Wednesday, August 4, 2010

summer highs

Two things: one. we found our photographer (!!!!) two. I love summer and all it entails and I do not want it to end.

I am THRILLED that we found our wedding photographer!! He is awesome. Take a look at some of his fabulous work..

I am beyondddd excited! To me, the pictures will be one of the most important elements of the 'big day.' Afterall, it is the only tangible memory we will have!

The thought of summer coming to an end is always slightly depressing, whether or not you are a warm weather person. To think that, soon, cotton Lilly dresses and endless days at the pool will be long forgotten saddens me. However, I would still like to think there plenty of time for a few more fun, summery brights and patterns to add to my collection. Here are my favorites as of right now...

TOMs wedges, Milly shorts, Opening ceremony bracelet, Beth's Victorian Style drop earrings

What are your current end-of-the-summer faves? Happy Wednesday...XOXO...


  1. congrats on finding your photographer!!! that's so exciting!!!! and i totally know what you mean... i don't want summer to end either! xoxo

  2. How exciting!! His work looks completely fab!!

    My current end of summer faves are the sunsets and patio dinners when the heat is milder!


  3. SUPER gorgeous work! And I love those TOMS wedges and cute knot bracelet!