Wednesday, August 4, 2010

embark on an adventure with kate spade contest

the kate spade girl...
is quick and curious and playful and strong. she mixes her matches and experiments with color. she lets her imagination run away with her. she is the first to make a toast and the last to say goodnight. she looks for adventure around every corner. she sings off-key but with great spirit.
she lives colorfully
starting with one of the statements below, build a set that incorporates three or more pieces from, along with other objects that inspire you to live colorfully—a bright red lipstick, a vintage vinyl, a penguin novel or a favorite flea market find.
the winning details
three lucky winners will be chosen by kate spade new york creative director, deborah lloyd, to embark with a friend on a perfectly curated trip to chicago, san francisco or new york. winners will also receive a $1000 gift card to spend at one of our shops.

enter now...only five hours to go!! XOXO...