Saturday, November 20, 2010

all that glitters IS gold

Metallics have truly found their way into the everyday fashion world. Wherever I go, there is silver and gold. The best part about these hues, in my mind, is that they pair well with nearly everything. I have a pair of Kate Spade gold flats that take the place of black in many instances. (Also, they are already on sale!) Lucky you :) The Kate Spade store recently came to St. Louis and I love it. Namely around the holidays. Everything is so happy and bubbly and vibrant. I have my eye on this purse. Once again, what WOULDN'T this look good with?!! So practical, yet so special and pretty. A lot of items are adorned with sequins lately, like this Ella Moss dress. Love it!! As a girl who used to only wear silver, I cannot get enough of gold jewelry. I have found myself googling gold chain bracelets and coin rings as of late, such as this VSA charm necklace along with basic gold studs... these darling dogeared hearts and Daisy Knights' posts. Whatever the season, metallics are always a must. XOXO...

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  1. glitter is a staple every season, including the holiday season :)