Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas: the aftermath

It happens each year and yet we do it all over again the same the next year. There is so much build up to Christmas; the giant trees in the mall, the music on the radio that starts before Thanksgiving, sugarplums dancing in our heads and in our case, snow on the eve of Christmas. But then--all of a sudden--that one day is over. It passes like any other day. However, I would like to think the season continues for quite some time after. You will not see me taking down my tree any time soon!! Here are a few of the highlights of Tinabells' Christmas 2010......Merry, merry to you & yours!! XOXO...
AK's Christmas party, Tinabells & Bridget

All of us at the Veiled Profit Ball

Elizabeth, the beautiful deb!

TAE & L Christmas Eve

The six...plus me!

B & M Christmas morning

 Caroling Party
Elliot sporting his new vest

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