Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dreaming...or are we?

TAE and I went and saw Inception Friday night. It got me to thinking more and more about dreams, obviously, and what and if they really mean anything. Over sushi last night with some friends, PB suggested I begin writing the memories down. I cannot say that they are entertaining or even BEGIN to make sense of them--right? When I woke up today, I took PB's advice and I wrote down what I could remember from my dream(s) last night- the people in them; descriptions of those people, where I was, how it made me feel, and comically enough, I could come up with more from these night thoughts than I would have imagined. So it gets me to thinking, what are they about? I have always believed they are mere interpretations of the thoughts with which we begin our slumber- what is on our mind consciously and subconsciously.  All I can say is, last night, I was flying...hmm...XOXO

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